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FaireKITA - Responsibility from the beginning!

FaireKITA is a kindergarden in which global learning is part of children's everyday life. The diversity of our world can be experienced with all the senses in global learning. It helps the children in the day care center to understand our world as one world. Global Learning is based on the vision of a sustainable development. It detects the interconnectedness between local and global levels and deals with global social inequalities. Global learning is an answer to globalization. Fair Trade offers a great deal of potential as an entry into the world of education for sustainable development and global learning. Through the use of fair products, educators and parents take responsibility for fair and sustainable consumption.

A look beyond the horizon to the families in other parts of the world (for example, growing cotton for our T-shirts), can help to understand the world. Children in a FaireKITA learn connections that sharpen their understanding of the world and their sense of justice. They learn to treat diversity with respect and are prepared for a life in a globalized world. Only if future generations are made aware of this content the concept of sustainable life and action can be placed at the heart of society.

  • 1 Resolution
    They pass a resolution to use fair products and to support FaireKITA.

  • 2 The Fair Team
    1 x Representative of KITA employees
    1 x Representative of the parents.

  • 3 Use of fair products
    Two Fair Trade products are used.

  • 4 Education
    They work with the preschool children on the topic of Fair Trade.
    Fair Trade is part of the work in the kindergarden and is involved in everyday life.

  • 5 Public relation
    They report on at least two of their activities.


Management & national Coordinator
Jasmin Geisler



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